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BASINS: Proven Link To MDROs, CAUTIs

Published studies prove the basin is contaminated and can cause nosocomial infection. One study that tested basins at different facilities nationwide found that 98% of basins were contaminated with bacteria, including MRSA and VRE.1 In a study presented at APIC 2010, two medical/surgical units looked at the incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) in relation to the bath basin. When infection control practitioners noted an increase in CAUTIs, they eliminated the basin from the bedside of catheterized patients and instituted Comfort Bath® along with new protocols. Within a month, the incidence of CAUTIs was reduced to zero.2
Removal of basins proven to reduce CAUTIs

The Cost Of CAUTIs

CAUTIs are the most frequent type of infection in acute care settings, comprising 36% of healthcare-associated infections.3 CAUTIs can lead to increased length of stay and additional healthcare costs.
  • Increased length of stay of up to 7 days4
  • Additional average expenses of $3,803 to $4,6873,4

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